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Heathers The Musical in The New Yorker

WHEN THE OUTRAGEOUSLY DYSTOPIAN teen comedy “Heathers” came out, in 1989, it was a box-office failure, but its straight-faced camp and pitch-black plot—Veronica, the fourth wheel of a fierce high-school clique, falls in love with J.D., a mischievous, murderous rebel—have made it a widely adored cult classic. “Heathers” also kick-started the careers of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Twenty-five years later, its issues of bully-related suicide, school shootings, and bomb threats are even more relevant, and the highly un-P.C. escapade takes on an even darker hue. Get ready for the return of fluffy bangs, shoulder pads, and vicious croquet matches, because the stage adaptation, “Heathers: The Musical,” directed by Andy Fickman, is in previews at New World Stages. It will be so very.


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