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Branded Pictures J. Todd Harris' Wheelman Hits Netflix

Watch Here:

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Rotten Tomatoes:

Jeremy Rush's fast-paced neo-noir thriller is a perfect-fit star vehicle for Frank Grillo. - Variety

Make sure you hit "Pause" if you have to walk away from the Netflix stream for a moment, because you don't want to miss a trick here. - Chicago Sun-Times

It's a grade-A B-movie that gets maximum mileage from a carefully calibrated mix of hardboiled neo-noir melodrama and high-velocity minimalism. - Variety

The directing debut of Jeremy Rush, this solid genre pic plays like a pulpy cousin to Steven Knight's 2013 Locke, less formally rigorous but more inviting. It will be a welcome diversion for those who stumble across it on Netflix, where it debuts next month, and should help raise its lead's profile in the genre world. - Hollywood Reporter


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